Doubt common sense and established theory! One can’t talk about headphones without listening to the CZ-1.

The CZ-1 has an open feeling of sound and the sound field spreads in front of your head. It has a naturalness and is fatigue free.

Some headphones make a clear outline of the sound with a crisp and powerful expression. However, do you ever have the feeling "something is wrong"; "this was somewhat tiring," or "I want to listen the music with more smoothness", and "I want to be satisfied with music with my headphones?" Such a wish is granted by CROSSZONE. Sounds have excellent decay, and in case of the classical music, you may feel the space of the concert hall. In case of popular music, the message of the musician should sink into your heart. CROSSZONE brings an open feeling of sound and sound field which spreads out in front of your head with naturalness and fatigue free listening.

■Natural External Sound Localization (Front Side Localization) supported by ART (Acoustic Resonance Technology)

A lot of music sauce is mostly made by adjusting the position of a voice or the musical instrument or a sound of the space on the assumption that are playing back the music through dual channel stereo speaker. However, by the conventional headphones, we have a problem called "internal sound localization" which is listened the sound internal head and was it can't be reproduce correctly the intention of the music software producer.

CROSSZONE paid attention to this problem and reduced this problem by an original technology.

When we play music with stereo speakers in a room, for example sound reaches to the right ear is, ① from right channel speaker directly, ② from left channel speaker reaching to the right ear coming around face, ③from walls which is reflected, such as from these three big routes sound reaches. CZ-1 reproduces these three sound waves. Two driver units (for high frequency sound/ for low frequency sound) plays main music source ①, and the other driver unit is exclusively used for the reverse channel sound source. Between route ① and route ② there is a different distance, and a time lag occurs. In addition, the reflection sound ③ arrives with time lag too. This time lag is controlled using an original ADC (Acoustic Delay Chamber) technology. And the sound of each route arrives at the element except the temporal axis including the frequency response changes. It is ART (Acoustic Resonance Technology) which controls them. It’s achieved all by purely acoustic technology, not digital signal processing, and the result is a natural sound field.

In order to intend more effect of external sound localization we recommend you to put an ear pad to touch a bit behind your auricle such as more front direction.

Principals of CZ-1

■Actualization of natural sound quality and good balance of sound frequency

As the diaphragm plate on the two driver units for the main sound sources (Tweeter 23mm/ Woofer 40mm) is coated with beryllium  (see Appendix Photo 1) and the brass frame  (see Appendix Photo 2) is adopted for the woofer driver, the balance of natural sound is well reproduced from lowest to highest frequencies.

■The comfortable fitting design allows for long periods of listening without fatigue or discomfort.

We all have different head sizes and so the structural design of most headphones results in uncomfortable lateral pressure on the head. The CZ-1 is different, the headband is made from die cast magnesium which retains its shape and is not easily deformed and lateral pressure is gave you by the torsion spring which is built into the hinge. This result is a much lower lateral pressure, allowing for comfortable long term listening.

■A striking visual design, born from the unique internal structure

Due to the tridimensional configuration of the three driver units, the housing has a unique triangular shape. The ADC structure that allows for the ART technology is in fact the reason for the unique triangular design.

■Dedicated cables to support high sound quality and high-resolution


A dedicated high quality cable is supplied with the CZ-1. The OFC (oxygen free copper) cable features an anti-noise, twisted structure. As there are 8 cores (4 X 2) separated from the plug at the amplifier side, this assures left-right channel separation. In addition, as the housing cable connector has a waterproof structure, sound quality variation due to air leakage is well controlled.
The high quality cable supplied can be connected to either the left or the right earpiece. This adds to comfort and convenience when using the CZ-1. This feature also reduces wear and stress on the cable and the headset. (Left / right channel integrity is maintained, whichever side the cable is connected)

In case of listening for example on the sofa with a short distance to the amplifier, CROSSZONE includes a 3.5m cable as well as a 1.5M cable for use with portable audio products.

■Quality Assurance of trust (Made in Japan)

The construction is the essence of EMS makers’ precision machining technology and they are assembled and optimized in Okaya City, Nagano Prefecture in Japan and thus superior quality is assured. Okaya City is the Mecca of the superior precision machinery industry such as cameras and clocks, and the silk spinning business has prospered here for a long time. We use the highest grade silk made in Okaya for dust protection grill of the CZ-1.

Main Specifications of CZ-1

Main Specifications of CZ-1

Type                   : Closed type dynamic stereo headphone
Frequency Range : 20Hz-40 kHz
Sensitivity           : 97dB
Impedance          : 75Ω
Weight                : 485g(Body only)
Accessories          : Dedicated 3.5m Cable (Standard Plug)
                                            1.5m Cable (Mini Plug)
                             Adaptor Plug
                             Instruction manual
                             Warranty card

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